Financial Advisory
For creditors & debtors in all areas of business finance,
debt restructure, and insolvency

Our Mission

Provide the best possible advice and/or management, based on our experience and commitment, toward achieving financial stability, profitability, and improving corporate value.


Experienced & Committed

Experienced & Committed

With an extensive background in commercial banking, and our 17 plus years as consultants, receiver, Chief Restructuring Officer, and trustee, our services are designed to effectively assist all parties in mitigating the impact of financial distress.

Our commitment to every engagement is to bring a common-sense implementation to facilitate necessary changes and be prepared for future changes as required.

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Personal Team Approach

Personal Team Approach

Our senior management/ownership team has worked together for over 25 years; we personally oversee and lead each and every PSI engagement. This hi-touch process enables our clients to focus their efforts on effectively managing the day-to-day operations and pursuing the strategic resolution of the current issues.



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Skill and Insight

Skill and Insight

We offer clients a wealth of middle market company restructuring and workout expertise and have a proven exceptional ability to assess and provide solutions to our client’s most complex and difficult problems.







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Receivership & Trustee Services

Collateral control, liquidation, and property management for creditor committees, estates, and lenders. Coordination with legal, accounting, and other professional services.

Chief Restructuring Officer

Management of a company facing financial crisis; impending bankruptcy; during a bankruptcy; or implementation of a plan of reorganization.

Financial Advisory Services

Detailed analysis of accounts receivable, inventory, cash flow/debt service, debt structure, credit compliance, and staffing levels.

Creditor / Debtor Negotiations

Assistance in negotiating proposals with investors, bankers, and creditors.

Crisis Management Services

Court approved Chief Restructuring Officer, Receiver, Trustee, Liquidation Trustee and Bankruptcy Plan Administrator.

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